Magnus Colesen

Wearer of the Winged Mask


Magnus tends to dress in dark, heavy clothing and prominent pieces of battleworn plate armor. For those who know what to look for, the crank dial on his chest is a plain indicator that his armor is just the focal frame for a must larger, much more dangerous Wonder called a daeva – a suit of mechanized steel wrought in a humanoid shape. Magnus’ daeva is called Dummy; it used to be a target dummy for the Knightly Order that cast him out.

Across his back, Magnus carries a sword he has named Emberwing. It is so called because of its winged overhilt and the black beak extending from its pommel. A one edged slashing blade with dancing ember patterns spreading up from the tang, Emberwing is a brooding weapon of war with a dark demeanor that belies the canny intelligence within… much like its weilder.


“You wanna know about Magnus? Do yerself a favour, guv’nah. Ask somewhere else.”

Magnus Colesen

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