The Raven Blade of Fire

weapon (melee)

“Fear not the fire. Fear the embers that blaze brightest in the dark.”

A formidably sized single edged saber, Emberwing falls somewhere between a tulwar and a scimitar in length. While its grip is more than long enough to accommodate two hands, the weapon is strangely light for its mass and can be comfortably wielded in one.

Though remarkable in appearance because of its dusky, fire blackened edge and exotic swept hilt, Emberwing’s most striking feature can only be observed in combat. When drawn, deep furrows in the hilt begin to glow like candlelight. Once battle begins, these inner candles rage and burn, the light of a furnace deep within the sword.

Once Emberwing tastes blood, its blade becomes limned with swirling lines of fire light. The more it feasts, the deeper red these lines become as if the sword were somehow fueling its blazing heart off the essence of the slain…

Raven sword 3



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